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Certificates when buying from a private seller



When buying through a private seller, the “Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung für Osmium“ is the only place to get an authentication and with it a certificate.

To certify your Osmium, please take a photo of it and send it to our company by using the form below. The number of the current certificate will be entered. Authentications normally don’t need more than one day.

After examining the Osmium, an anonymous or an entitled certificate will be issued. When requesting an entitled certificate, we would like to ask for your full name, place of residence, contact address or telephone number.

The submission of this contact data is voluntary. Please note, that it will be collected for the possibility of future shortage with Osmium. Once we reach this point, former owners can be contacted and will receive sale offers. 






 For the documentation of Osmium, the following data is needed:

- serial number
- basic geometry
- chemical purity in percentage (at least 99,98%)
- kind of the impurity: maximum 0,01% Platinum
- frontal picture
- lateral view (if it is a round model)
- more views (if it is a 3D model)
- weight measured up to 0,001 g accuracy (huge masses with four valid digits)
- the pieces characteristics in text form
- personal requests of the customer (special manufactures)





Information about authenticity

Most important when proving Osmium’s authenticity is checking its purity – it should be 99,99%. Most of the remaining 0,01% is Platinum which is being collected with the platinum-metal Osmium.

While gaining Osmium, the rare metal is severed from the Platinum Ore.

The chemical authentication of Osmium is ensured by a certificate. Still, even the human eye can detect lots of proof for the metals authenticity.

For example, every crystal structure is unique and can be identified amazingly easy by using a simple photograph. In addition, testing the density is ensuring proof because no metal on earth is heavier.

Last but not least, experts can easily identify Osmium by its unique and stunning blue-silver glow.

When buying from a private person, it is necessary to receive an authentication certificate and let the Osmium-Institute confirmed it.


Approach when buying from a private seller

We ask every Osmium customer to take these steps:

1.) Ask for the Osmium’s certificate, take a photo of it and let us run a quick verification by uploading it over this page. Of course, you won’t be charged for this!

2.) If you are offered more than 100g of crystallized Osmium chances are high you are in touch with fraudsters. In Turkey, over the last few month, there have been increased cases of calls from people trying to sell alleged Osmium over the phone. Please do not give any money and report these sellers to us and the police.

3.) Keep the Osmium in your own country. Duty-free warehouses can be an option, but note that access will always involve effort and additional costs.

4.) If prices differ a lot from the prices at www.osmium-preis.com, please contact us with this information. Sadly, you will always find Osmium online when searching on platforms such as eBay but be aware, that most of the time it’s not crystallized and therefore dangerous (and should not be sold). When the prices are extremely low, sometimes the offered metal is Iridium and includes no Osmium at all.

5.) If you are not sure whether to trust a source or not, you may ask your specialized merchant.


Purchase over merchants

A normal purchase will normally require an advanced payment when you don’t know the merchant and both parties have no experience with each other.

The merchant and the “Omsium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung für Osmium” will take care of the shipment ensuring it reaches the country where you want to buy. With his help, the goods will be declared and imported.

The merchant will receive the certificate from the “Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung für Osmium” and hand it along with the metal over to you.

You can request prove any time by using the form on this page.

Institut Osmium France

50, avenue Chanoine Cartellier, 69230 Saint-Genis-Laval

T: +33 06 59 17 23 65

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